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  Amp Up the Scene with a DJ for Bars and Nightlife

All of our DJs have extensive experience in the nightlife entertainment industry. We have worked at countless clubs and bars throughout Chicago to provide the best evening for all the guests. We hear from clients all the time that they've been getting text after text talking about how much fun their party was!


If you're a bar owner or event manager at a bar or club in Chicago, we'd love to work with you! Whether you've got a small basement space that is looking for a certain atmosphere, or a beautiful rooftop area with gorgeous views, we've got just the right DJ for you. We know how to play the right music to get the people up and moving or to give them great background music while they chat.


We are more than just a DJ for bars. We can also provide you with live musicians and other entertainment options that will get the people through your door. We are the DJs that your customers will be talking about all weekend long with their friends.


Turn a boring night into a killer party with On Deck DJs. When guests show up and hear the great music, they'll definitely be back next week for more. Our DJs are experienced, professional and creative in their music selections. Give us a call at 862-202-9930 or send us an email. We'd be happy to talk with you about your current nightlife entertainment and what you want to get out of a DJ. Then, we can book a time to come out to your venue for a consultation and proposal meeting.

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