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11 Questions to Ask a DJ

If you're looking for a DJ, whether it's a wedding or private event, we pulled together a list of some of the most important questions to ask before booking.

1.) How long have you been doing this professionally? Make sure your DJ is seasoned in weddings, corporate and private events and club gigs.

2.) What sets you apart from your competition?

3.) Do you also act as an emcee and make all announcements? Depending on the type of event, you want someone who is confident behind the mic and able to attract a crowd when making announcements or bring someone along who can.

4.) Can we come listen to you perform? Experienced DJs, who do this for a living, should be able to offer ample opportunities to listen to them live prior to your event.

5.) Can you play songs that are important to us? Every event is different and may require unique songs that pertain to a certain culture or tradition. Your DJ should be able to learn this music and incorporate it into your special day.

6.) How do you handle song requests and what genres can you cover? It's important that DJs cover all the music you prefer for your event and that it's discussed prior, including a do-not-play list.

7.) What happens if we want you to play longer than what the contract states? What is your over-time policy and cost?

8.) What's your back-up plan if there's an equipment malfunction or if you're sick and not able to perform on the day of the event? There should always be a plan b.

9.) How do you motive a crowd if no one is dancing? A DJ should have different techniques that are used to encourage people to join the dance floor.

10.) Will you check out the venue beforehand to ensure appropriate set-up?

11.) Is there anything we should know about your services that we haven't already talked about?

Photo by @natalyjphotography

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