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3 Things Guests Will Remember

How many details go into planning your average wedding or private event? Hundreds, maybe thousands. We aren't here to get into all of those, but we are here to tell you there are only three things your guests WILL remember and that includes; food, drinks, music.

Make sure the food is good, make sure there is enough and make sure your vendors are fed, too! Cocktail hour with passed appetizers, traditional sit-down dinner, and dessert is great, but what about that extra special midnight snack, food truck or candy buffet that will pleasantly surprise your guests and leave a lasting memory.

Drinks; an open bar all night is ideal for guests, but not always ideal for your budget. Just try to include something that doesn't cost your guests; wine & beer, champagne toast, a signature cocktail for the night. You can get creative, this way your guests and your wallet wins!

Lastly, the music. The music will ultimately make or break your entire party. Do your homework on any live music or DJ you're interested in. How long have they been in the business? Do they have referrals or other clients you can speak to about their experience? Many companies are offering an opportunity to listen to a DJ live prior to making a decision and we highly recommend this! A DJ or musician must be able to pay attention to the details that are important to you and mold their talent to fit your special event.

Your guests won't remember what the napkins looked like, but they will remember something about the food, the drinks and the music. Check the music off your list and contact On Deck DJs today!

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