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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a DJ

1.) A lack of experience could make or break your entire event! Ensure your DJ comes with experience-performing at weddings or events, better yet-performing at bars or clubs. Ask for an opportunity to listen to the DJ live or for pre-recorded mixes. Have a conversation about their experience!

2.) Try to avoid hunting for the lowest price. In this industry, you certainly get what you pay for. There are plenty of independent DJ's or choose to go with a DJ company-make sure to look into the benefits of both before making a decision.

3.) Don't choose a DJ that doesn't have a way to organize your event. You should have an opportunity to choose the music you'd like including; custom songs, a do-not-play list or preferred genres. In most cases, DJ's will need to see a floor plan or visit the venue prior to the event, along with ensuring proper equipment. You should have an opportunity for a meeting or phone conference to discuss specific details.

4.) Don't forget to do your homework-scope out social media outlets and online reviews. You should be able to ask for references, too!

5.) Don't leave booking your DJ for the last minute, it should be a high priority on your to-do list, early on in the planning process. Popular dates or times of year can book up quickly!

6.) Make sure you receive a contract and thoroughly read through it prior to signing. In most cases contracts are set in place to protect the company, but how does it protect you? Check out cancellation and rescheduling policies and back-up plans if something comes up with the DJ.

If you're looking for a DJ for your future event, click HERE for more information about On Deck DJs!

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