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A Corporate Event to Remember

These days many companies are thinking outside the box when it comes to planning corporate events for deserving employees. Whether it's an appreciation event, holiday party or simply a celebration for all of your hard work, here's eight ideas to make sure your event is memorable and employees feel lucky to work for you. Providing an experience will always leave a lasting impression.

1.) Puppy Play-Pen; we realize not everyone is a dog person, but everyone should be! What better way to relieve stress than to provide an afternoon of puppy playing. Plus, you might even find a deserving puppy their forever home!

2.) Visual Artists; you can hire a caricature or silhouette artist or get a little more creative and interactive with a speed painter, an interactive graffiti wall or a cotton candy food artist.

3.) Work it out; hire a personal trainer or other fitness professional to lead a morning exercise class followed by refreshing cocktails and snacks.

4.) Magicians or illusionists; you can do a stage show or simply have someone stroll through your event providing interesting and interactive magic tricks.

5.) Palm reader or psychic; provide a booth and guests an opportunity to take a look into their future.

6.) Hypnotist; as long as you have some guest participants this could be guaranteed entertainment. Set-up is simple only needing a few chairs and microphone. Leave guests laughing and talking about your event for days.

7.) Interactive game show; who doesn't love "The Price is Right" or "Wheel of Fortune" or winning prizes? Include your guests and company in the game show to make it more meaningful.

8.) Hire a professional DJ and provide a space for dancing, check out On Deck DJ's!

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