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Big Ideas for a Micro-Wedding


A pandemic might put a damper on your big wedding plans, but the good news is, it can't put a damper on being in love and getting married! Many couples are moving to the idea of a micro-wedding; more intimate and less expensive. A micro-wedding usually consists of 50 or less guests, but can still provide the celebration you're looking for with the people closest to you. Below you'll find 15 reasons why a micro wedding might be the perfect choice for you.

  1. With fewer guests and a smaller venue, you're bound to save a ton of money.

  2. You'll have, not only more time, but more intimacy with each of your guests.

  3. Opt for one long, family style dining experience.

  4. Choose a non-traditional venue, which means more choices.

  5. You're less likely to need the support of a full-time wedding planner.

  6. Opt to have guests take photos and videos on their smart phones and send them to you.

  7. Consider a destination wedding.

  8. Wedding favors can be much more personal, they could even include a thoughtful note.

  9. Get creative with food, drinks and dessert.

  10. Include a DJ, plus other entertainment such as; a psychic, caricature artist or games.

  11. Be comfortable and have guests wear informal attire.

  12. Share your most personal vows in front of the people who love you the most.

  13. Choose a window of time to livestream guests who couldn't make it.

  14. More opportunity for social distancing, provide a health station with masks and sanitizer.

  15. Bring your style and decor vision to life, make a small venue pack a big punch!

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