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Vendor Etiquette 101

We all have the same goal; make your wedding or special event everything you dream it to be! After all, vendors, event planners or hosts should work as a team. We are here to bring you our rendition of Vendor Etiquette 101.

1.) Communication is KEY. We want to know your expectations, we want you to paint us a picture of exactly how you imagine your event, and keep us updated throughout the planning process. As for the DJ, tell us the songs or genres your audience will enjoy or not enjoy and never be afraid to speak up. This means before, during and after the event. Feedback is critical for us to be able to continue to improve our services!

2.) Including a meal for your vendors, adding these to your final count for the caterer and providing a place to eat is important. Any vendor and/or assistants who will be present for the duration of the event should be provided a meal. As for the DJ or emcee, they can be provided a meal at the same time as your guests or earlier during a cocktail hour or after guests have been served as to be available to provide music during the dinner. You can also discuss this with your vendors prior to the big day!

3.) Tipping wedding vendors is certainly optional and many vendors may include gratuity in their contract. However, if your vendor went above and beyond your expectations and you were pleased with the services, tipping is always appreciated!

4.) Trust us! Do your research, ask for recommendations and ask questions. Vendors specialize in certain areas and should be experts. Our DJ's live by their reputations and want a successful event just as much as you!

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